My parents are on holiday for a couple of days so I have come back from university to look after the house. It’s so lovely to get away from the hustle and bustle of Birmingham and to the calm Cotswolds. 

I have been on lovey dog walks and on some runs with my sister, as well as making the most of our hot tub (it’s absolute heaven), but mostly revising (unfortunately) 😭. 

Here are a few pictures from back home so far 🌿🌺


About me tag!

Hello lovely ones.

I have been super busy with exams recently so have neglected this blog (sorry). I still have 2 left but I thought a good revision break would be to do a blog post! Since I have barely left the house, I thought I would do an ‘about me’ tag. Hopefully you may get to know be better! 

So here’s a few questions about me! 

1. What is your middle name? 

My middle name is charlotte! 

2. What is your favourite subject?

Hmmmm… it is PE (I haven’t done this since secondary school). Also this is worrying since I am doing a psychology degree…

3. What is your favourite drink?

Definitely Tesco finest peppermint and liquorice tea (how very middle class)

4. What is your favourite song?

This is always the hardest question as I can never decide and always change my mind! Right now it is anything by Laura marling but I also love Bombay bicycle club, Johnny Flynn and bears den (this is back when I have time to listen to music… revision is a killer)

5. What is your favourite food?

Another really hard question! Maybe salmon stir fry.

6. What is the last thing you bought? 

I haven’t been shopping in a long time! I think it was a Zara top.

7. What is your favourite book?

I don’t know if this counts as a book but my boyfriend bought me a poetry book and I am in love with it. It’s called ‘Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kaur 

8. What is your favourite colour?


9. Do you have any pets?

Yes! Many pets! Haha my house is filled with pets and it’s the best thing ever. We have like 20 chickens, a dog, lovebirds, a cat, ginea pigs, fish. It’s very fun 

10. What is your favourite perfume?

Chanel no5

11. Are you married?

Nope! But I have a wonderful boyfriend of 5 years 

12. Can you speak many languages?

Just English! How very English of me. I would love to speak more, especially French 

13. Do you have any siblings?

Yes I have two sisters, one called josie who is 23 and one called eva who is 18. They’re amazing

If there’s anything else you’d life to know don’t hesitate to ask! 


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April Favourites

Hi lovelies!

As it’s coming to the end of April, I thought I would share my first ever favourites! There’s a mixture of items and I know there are also things I have left out, as my room is a tip right now so it’s hard to find everything 🙃 

Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any recommendations! 

1. Bobbi Brown foundation stick (shade warm ivory).

Believe it or not I found this in my local charity shop, as they were doing a special make up promotion. I think I paid £5 for it, and it hadn’t yet been opened! It’s so creamy and moisturising and leaves my skin glowing. 

2. Bobbi Brown art stick (shade dusty pink). 

My kind mother bought me this for Christmas. It’s really easy to apply and lasts really well. Also it’s such a nice shade of pink for the spring, and I wear it almost every day.

3. No7 City Light tinted moisturiser (shade light).

I’ve posted this in a previous beauty post but I’ll post it again! It’s honestly amazing, has everything you could need for a light skin coverage and it’s price is an added bonus. Perfect for summery days where you don’t want to look caked in makeup. 

4. Beaded earrings 

This is a random one but I purchased these earrings in a little independent shop in Exeter. They are lovely and pop a bit of colour to your face. Also if you are like me and have sensitive skin, these silver earrings are great. 

5. Rose gold ‘Frends’ headphones

I wanted these headphones for so long, but they were quite expensive, so I went on eBay and found them for about half the price. They are really good, with a good sound quality and very comfy to wear. Also they are rose gold so. Good times.

6. Wild Guide – a travel guide to the south west

My boyfriend got me this book, and it is filled with ideas for quick weekends away in the south west of England. It shows the best places for wild swimming, free camping, amazing views and all other interesting ideas. So if your an adventure seeker or need ideas for a fun weekend, this book has you sorted. 

7. No7 nail polish (shade Persian Blue).

This nail polish is so fun and a lovey colour for spring! It is also really easy to application which is a plus for if you are awful at nails like me.

8. Rosie for autograph Eau De Parfum 

This is a beautiful floral scented perfume from M&S. It is described as having ‘deep woody undertones’ and top notes of ‘pink pepper and lemon essence’. All I know is that it smells great, lasts long and is perfect for summer. Oh and it’s pretty cheap for a perfume! 

9. Olivia Burton big dial bee watch

This watch is just so lovely. 

10. Collaborative coconut frozen ice cream (dairy free)

As it’s revision time, I wanted to treat myself to a yummy snack. Coconut is probably my favourite flavour, and so when I spotted this I’m Sainsbury’s I was very excited! It is also chocolate flavoured, so it gets even more amazing if that is possible. It tastes wonderful and is dairy free. Win win! 

Thank you for reading! 


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Whenever I’m at uni I really miss my animals, especially Nora. She is half Labrador half golden retriever. She is the loveliest dog ever! Here are some pictures of her, as who doesn’t want to see a puppy?!

Let me know your favourite breed of dog 🐶 


How me and my boyfriend of 5 years met

I thought I would share this so that you can get to know me better. Also I am always interested in other people’s boyfriend stories so if any of you are like me, then this is for you. 

My boyfriend Kit and I have been together for (almost) 5 years. I’m only 21 so we were pretty young at 16 when we first met. And it’s one of those times when it’s just coincidence that you meet. So I’m pretty lucky that it was on my side!

I was invited to a party one afternoon, for later that evening. The party was a friend of a friends, and it was quite far away, so I wasn’t sure. But, at sixteen, and being quite into parties, I said yes. I got ready and we got a lift with a friends parents. 

As soon as we got to the party, I instantly fancied this guy in the corner of the room. He was honestly like my ideal person that I would always describe when people asked. I thought he was way older than me though. I am kind of awkward and shy but we started talking and got on really well. We danced to some cool songs and drank and he played the guitar, and luckily he asked for my number before I left that same evening.

We had briefly spoken about me going to bath (a city in England) the next day with my friend, who happened to be seeing his friend. But that was the last we had spoken of it. But the next day, as me and my friend were shopping in bath, Kit turned up out of the blue as a surprise! It was so exciting and I was so glad that he actually wanted to see me. 

Long story short, he asked me out a month later and we’ve been together ever since! Not many people know this story but I think it’s so sweet and it makes me happy to remember. 

Love millie.x 


Holidays close to home

Hi guys!

As summer is approaching ever more quickly, my thoughts are being drawn to the freedom which will come after my last exam! Summer is my favourite season, and i love planning ahead! This year i am lucky enough to be traveling to Central America with my uni friends, which i am of course super excited for! But, i am also hoping to explore England, and book some holidays here!

Booking holidays in your own country is such a great option! Less hassle, less transport, and its so exciting to explore where you live. Last year me and my boyfriend packed our bags and drove a couple of hours to wales, a beautiful and invigorating country in the UK. The drive was only 2 hours long, and armed with a great playlist and a much needed stop at service stations, we really enjoyed the drive. 

We decided to camp in wales, as we both love it, and of course as students, we were looking for the cheapest option! We had looked at campsites before we left, and foound a perfect one, just a couple of minutes walk from a huge beach. This campsite did not allow people to book, and so it was a first come fist service situation. So, we left very early yin the morning to ensure a space. Luckily, this worked out well! 

A couple of minutes drive down windy country roads led us to a surf hire shop, where we rented two boards. Then every morening, we would get up nice and early, walk through the sand dunes and set up a spot on the beach. then we would (attempt) to catch some waves! This was honestly one of the best holidays i have had. Every sense was invigorated, we made amazing memories, all my freckles came out in full bloom, and all within the space of a weekend! 

So if you are lacking funds, or just want a quick getaway, I highly recommend doing this!

Leave me a comment if you have done the same, or if you are planning to in the near future! I would love to hear from you.


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Finding nature in the city

Growing up in the Cotswolds surrounded by never ending fields, and being able to discover the beauty of nature just outside your doorstop seemed natural to me, and it made me take it for granted! So when I moved to Birmingham for university 2 and a half years ago, it was a huge shock!

Birmingham is the second biggest city in the U.K., and is definitely not know for its natural beauty! Walking round the city, you may not see a single piece of wildlife other than pigeons for the whole time! This was something I didn’t think would really affect me, but it did end up making me really miss the serenity of the countryside. So I made it my mission to find nature in my new home.

This is easier than you would think! With a bike, or using public transport, there is actually a vast amount of parks, hills, lakes and nature all around the city. I cycled to some of these places, and they didn’t disappoint! It’s perfect if your stressed and just want to take some time out to chill. 

So if your looking to do the same, try lickey hills in Birmingham, or cannon hill park which is walking distance from the university. Let me know your favourite parks where you live! 

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Revision tips

Hey guys! 

Some of you may know that for many of us it is now exam season (screech). This makes the prettiest time of year into a nightmare. After 2 years of uni, and getting through this mostly breakdown free, I thought I’d share a couple of revision tips that I use when revising! 

1. Fuel your brain. I got this advice from my mother at a very young age. And doing psychology I know how true this is! You need energy and calories for your brain to work at it’s optimum! Without this energy, it is hard to concentrate, stay away, and utilise your amazing brain power! So have a big breakfast, and choose something with calories. I usually go for porridge with fruit, or if it’s an exam day I treat myself to something like scrambled egg and beans. 

2. Don’t overwork yourself. This is an important one, and one that it took me a while to learn! Of course everyone wants to work hard, and this becomes even more apparent when you see posts of everyone around you doing work, which makes you feel like you can’t ever take a break! But breaks are so important, and my degree taught me that your brain works best in 20 minture bursts. So if you can work to this, do. If not, try hour long episodes of work with 20 minute rest breaks in between. It will make you feel great!

3. Sleep well. Okay I’m going to say every one of these is imporant haha! But sleep really is! My psychology degree drills into us how important sleep is for everyday functioning, as well as for making your brain work at it’s optimum. He recommended sleep for teenagers is 9 hours. This is sometimes hard to achieve, but getting to bed early and rising early means a full day of work can be had! I sometimes find it difficult to get to sleep, and I would find myself scrolling through instagram and YouTube before falling asleep! This is hard to stop, but set yourself time in the day to do this so there isn’t as much to catch up on at bedtime! Also, I made my iPhone turn off its blue light in the evenings, as blue light tricks our brains into thinking it’s daytime, and so makes it harder for us to fall asleep! Anyway, yes, sleep is good! 

4. Out of sight out of mind. Along the same theme as above, phones are big distractions. I say this as I’m using my phone to write this instead of revising! But it’s for the greater good… i found that moving my phone so that I can’t see it, or turning it off really stopped me from being distracted. It’s simple but it works.

5. Test yourself. This one is something I am passionate about. Mainly because it is what I wrote my dissertation on! All the literature that I went through showed that testing yourself on what you are learning is the most important factor in long term memory of the information. This can be by using flash cards, setting yourself questions and writing the answers out without looking at notes, or asking other people to test you. It works! And if you don’t believe me then ready my very exciting dissertation 🙃😳
Those are my top tips, but if you have any please be sure to send them! Millie x 

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Additions to the family

So there have been exciting times over the Easter holiday! We have (an ever increasing amount) of newbies to Stubbs cottage! Where to begin…

My parents went on holiday to Sri Lanka for 10 days, leaving me to look after the house on my own! (Well, my younger sister was with me but i mean, she isn’t much help …). Anyway, i knew that we had two broody hens sitting on a number of eggs, but usually it takes 3 weeks for them to hatch, and we thought they had only been under the hen for a couple of days. Every day, it would be a task of mine to attempt to move the broody hen from its nest to the floor, so that it could eat and drink, as when a hen is broody, it does not do this itself. The broody hens are pretty aggressive, so i would ask my boyfriend to do this for me (i am slowly turning a town boy into a country one!). On the third day of doing this, as he lifted the hens and put them down,. He said that there was a chick. Naturally, I thought he was joking. But he was persistent! And he wasn’t lying. There was the tiniest cutest little baby chick, an early Easter present!

I am quite a panicker, and so this situation was interesting for me… i was super worried that i was somehow going to kill the chick by being a bad owner, and honestly did not even know how to look after this chick. So i rang my parents up , felling pretty bad as i knew it was a big time difference, and they calmingly reassured me that the mother would do everything on it’s own, and of course they were right. 

We now have a total of 11 chickies, with a mixture of black and yellow! There’s still some that may hatch out, so i will keep you updates! 1 of the black ones is called Betty, and one yellow one is called blossom. But if you have any suggestions, let me know!