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Hello! I am a graduate!!!!! (Hope you can tell how excited I am!) 

On Wednesday I officially graduated with a first class degree from the university of Birmingham. (Eeeek!) 

Graduation was such a special day. If you want to read about it please continue- also I will do a post about what I wore and how I did my make up so please look out for that if you want to 👩‍🎓

My graduation ceremony began at 9:45am, which is early enough already, but we had to be there two hours early to collect tickets, get fitted with our robes and have our pictures taken. That means I had to set my alarm for 5:30am to get myself ready 🙃 I stayed at my boyfriends house in Birmingham and then we both walked to meet my friend so we could go and get tickets and robes together. It was so fun wearing the robes and getting the pictures taken was also fun, although I have  a feeling I am going to hate mine. 

After we got ready, I met my family who had driven from the Cotswolds that morning. By the time they arrived it was time to get seated. It was amazing as a live orchestra played in the great hall at the university, which is such a beautiful building to graduate in. They called our names one by one and we went into the stage, shook hands with the vice chancellor and then walked through the middle of the audience. This was pretty nerve wracking and the main thing on my mind was not falling over! Luckily that didn’t happen.
Once graduation was over, we all swarmed outside for photos and food, as well as pimms (the best thing ever). I was so lucky that the weather was amazing!! 

Robes had to be returned and after consuming a lot of food and drink, my family and I headed to a lovely restaurant nearby to have lunch. The restaurant is called the white swan, and I highly reccomend it if ever you find yourself in Birmingham! 

It was such an incredible day that I will never forget! But now I have to go out into the real world and find a real job and live in a real house, which is all quite overwhelming but I guess taking it step by step will be less daunting.

Thank you for reading! Has anyone else graduated recently? Or if you have any questions about university of graduating, I would love to answer them! 

Love millie x 


3 thoughts on “GRADUATING WITH A FIRST 👩‍🎓 

  1. Congratulations on graduating with a first! What an amazing result! I’m going into my second year in September. I finished m first year with a 2:1. I can’t wait to graduate, hopefully I get a similar result too you 🙂 x

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