How me and my boyfriend of 5 years met

I thought I would share this so that you can get to know me better. Also I am always interested in other people’s boyfriend stories so if any of you are like me, then this is for you. 

My boyfriend Kit and I have been together for (almost) 5 years. I’m only 21 so we were pretty young at 16 when we first met. And it’s one of those times when it’s just coincidence that you meet. So I’m pretty lucky that it was on my side!

I was invited to a party one afternoon, for later that evening. The party was a friend of a friends, and it was quite far away, so I wasn’t sure. But, at sixteen, and being quite into parties, I said yes. I got ready and we got a lift with a friends parents. 

As soon as we got to the party, I instantly fancied this guy in the corner of the room. He was honestly like my ideal person that I would always describe when people asked. I thought he was way older than me though. I am kind of awkward and shy but we started talking and got on really well. We danced to some cool songs and drank and he played the guitar, and luckily he asked for my number before I left that same evening.

We had briefly spoken about me going to bath (a city in England) the next day with my friend, who happened to be seeing his friend. But that was the last we had spoken of it. But the next day, as me and my friend were shopping in bath, Kit turned up out of the blue as a surprise! It was so exciting and I was so glad that he actually wanted to see me. 

Long story short, he asked me out a month later and we’ve been together ever since! Not many people know this story but I think it’s so sweet and it makes me happy to remember. 

Love millie.x 


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