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Simple Summer Make Up (all no7)

Hi guys!

Recently in England the weather has been glorious! (I say recently, as right now it is snowing… wtf). Regardless, I thought I would share with you my favourite make-up look and how I achieve it.

It’s pretty simple, and I’m no make up guru, but if you want a natural look, then the products I use are perfect for this!

This look is using one of my all time favourite make up brands, which is boots own brand, No7. No7 can be found in pretty much all Boots stores, is pretty cheap, and is really good quality! I will list the products I have used below.

Skin mousituriser and Primer

First I use the beautiful skin dry skin rescue on any really dry areas, like my nose. Then I use the airbrush away primer to prime my skin. This primer is amazing as it is hypo-allergenic, which is really good for sensitive skin like mine! It works amazingly and makes my make up last all day. Also, it has no scent, which I love. 

Tinted moisturiser

Tinted moisturiser is my go-to in the summer. It is super lightweight, moisturising, gently improves skin colour, and most importantly it protects from UV rays, which prevents skin ageing. This one from No7 also protects from environmental stresses, which is great for me, as I  live in Birmingham. 

Blusher, bronzer and highlighter

This trio was on a deal when I bought them, and this is the second lot I have got! They are honestly amazing, and such good value if you dont want to splash out on more expensive brand. They are a creamy consistency, and so blend in really naturally, leaving a dewy finish. The highlighter is a pearly colour and is beautiful. I put this on the tip of my nose, the bridge of my eyebrows, my cheekbones and the top of my lip. The bronzer is a lovely bronze colour, and again blends really nicely. And the blusher is also amazing! It goes on quite strong but it is easy to blend out or build up. 


Eyes are my favourite part to do when I my make up. As my hairs is blonde, I like to choose bronze colours. This No7 eyeshadow is really pigmented and leaves a shimmery finish. Then last but not least the mascara! It is not clumpy at all, and lasts all day without dropping! I highly recommend it as a lengthening and defining mascara. 


In the first picture of me, I am wearing No7 ‘Pillarbox’ lipstick.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know if you have any favourite products or if you have any questions!



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