Holidays close to home

Hi guys!

As summer is approaching ever more quickly, my thoughts are being drawn to the freedom which will come after my last exam! Summer is my favourite season, and i love planning ahead! This year i am lucky enough to be traveling to Central America with my uni friends, which i am of course super excited for! But, i am also hoping to explore England, and book some holidays here!

Booking holidays in your own country is such a great option! Less hassle, less transport, and its so exciting to explore where you live. Last year me and my boyfriend packed our bags and drove a couple of hours to wales, a beautiful and invigorating country in the UK. The drive was only 2 hours long, and armed with a great playlist and a much needed stop at service stations, we really enjoyed the drive. 

We decided to camp in wales, as we both love it, and of course as students, we were looking for the cheapest option! We had looked at campsites before we left, and foound a perfect one, just a couple of minutes walk from a huge beach. This campsite did not allow people to book, and so it was a first come fist service situation. So, we left very early yin the morning to ensure a space. Luckily, this worked out well! 

A couple of minutes drive down windy country roads led us to a surf hire shop, where we rented two boards. Then every morening, we would get up nice and early, walk through the sand dunes and set up a spot on the beach. then we would (attempt) to catch some waves! This was honestly one of the best holidays i have had. Every sense was invigorated, we made amazing memories, all my freckles came out in full bloom, and all within the space of a weekend! 

So if you are lacking funds, or just want a quick getaway, I highly recommend doing this!

Leave me a comment if you have done the same, or if you are planning to in the near future! I would love to hear from you.



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