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Finding nature in the city

Growing up in the Cotswolds surrounded by never ending fields, and being able to discover the beauty of nature just outside your doorstop seemed natural to me, and it made me take it for granted! So when I moved to Birmingham for university 2 and a half years ago, it was a huge shock!

Birmingham is the second biggest city in the U.K., and is definitely not know for its natural beauty! Walking round the city, you may not see a single piece of wildlife other than pigeons for the whole time! This was something I didn’t think would really affect me, but it did end up making me really miss the serenity of the countryside. So I made it my mission to find nature in my new home.

This is easier than you would think! With a bike, or using public transport, there is actually a vast amount of parks, hills, lakes and nature all around the city. I cycled to some of these places, and they didn’t disappoint! It’s perfect if your stressed and just want to take some time out to chill. 

So if your looking to do the same, try lickey hills in Birmingham, or cannon hill park which is walking distance from the university. Let me know your favourite parks where you live! 


6 thoughts on “Finding nature in the city

  1. My favourite park in Birmingham is Cofton Park. I like it because it is largely just open space, that frees you from the city. I recommend it to those in search of peace.

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      1. Although I never went, Cofton Park was the venue for an enormous gathering when Pope Benedict visited a few years ago.


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