Current hair care routine!

Hey guys!

Hair is a defining feature and so it is important to take care of it! I thought I would share with you my current hair care routine, as it is definitely changed how may hair looks for the better!

I have had highlights and so I really need to nourish my hair to stop the bleach drying it out, and so I choose conditioning products. Another thing that is important to me is to use natural products that don’t use too many chemicals, and so brands like Burts Bees are my go to!

Without further ado, this is my routine!

1. Brush hair before showering using my trusty tangle teezer

2. Shampoo my hair once with my Burts Bees moisturising shampoo (this smells incredible and contains all natural ingredients so basically it’s the best things ever) then condition it with the Burts Bees matching conditioner, leaving it on for a couple of minutes. Thoroughly rinse hair and finish off with cold water to close up hair pores (this stops frizz and makes hair extra shiny).

3. Let hair dry naturally! I try to use as little heat as possible so that hair damage is limited! If I am feeling like my hair needs a bit of extra conditioning, then I’ll add a tiny amount of coconut oil to the tips, making sure it is applied evenly!

That’s it 😊 simple, good for your hair, and not time consuming! Let me know any tips you have for yours of it you are loving any hair products, as I always love trying new things!



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