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Revision tips

Hey guys! 

Some of you may know that for many of us it is now exam season (screech). This makes the prettiest time of year into a nightmare. After 2 years of uni, and getting through this mostly breakdown free, I thought I’d share a couple of revision tips that I use when revising! 

1. Fuel your brain. I got this advice from my mother at a very young age. And doing psychology I know how true this is! You need energy and calories for your brain to work at it’s optimum! Without this energy, it is hard to concentrate, stay away, and utilise your amazing brain power! So have a big breakfast, and choose something with calories. I usually go for porridge with fruit, or if it’s an exam day I treat myself to something like scrambled egg and beans. 

2. Don’t overwork yourself. This is an important one, and one that it took me a while to learn! Of course everyone wants to work hard, and this becomes even more apparent when you see posts of everyone around you doing work, which makes you feel like you can’t ever take a break! But breaks are so important, and my degree taught me that your brain works best in 20 minture bursts. So if you can work to this, do. If not, try hour long episodes of work with 20 minute rest breaks in between. It will make you feel great!

3. Sleep well. Okay I’m going to say every one of these is imporant haha! But sleep really is! My psychology degree drills into us how important sleep is for everyday functioning, as well as for making your brain work at it’s optimum. He recommended sleep for teenagers is 9 hours. This is sometimes hard to achieve, but getting to bed early and rising early means a full day of work can be had! I sometimes find it difficult to get to sleep, and I would find myself scrolling through instagram and YouTube before falling asleep! This is hard to stop, but set yourself time in the day to do this so there isn’t as much to catch up on at bedtime! Also, I made my iPhone turn off its blue light in the evenings, as blue light tricks our brains into thinking it’s daytime, and so makes it harder for us to fall asleep! Anyway, yes, sleep is good! 

4. Out of sight out of mind. Along the same theme as above, phones are big distractions. I say this as I’m using my phone to write this instead of revising! But it’s for the greater good… i found that moving my phone so that I can’t see it, or turning it off really stopped me from being distracted. It’s simple but it works.

5. Test yourself. This one is something I am passionate about. Mainly because it is what I wrote my dissertation on! All the literature that I went through showed that testing yourself on what you are learning is the most important factor in long term memory of the information. This can be by using flash cards, setting yourself questions and writing the answers out without looking at notes, or asking other people to test you. It works! And if you don’t believe me then ready my very exciting dissertation 🙃😳
Those are my top tips, but if you have any please be sure to send them! Millie x 


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