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Additions to the family

So there have been exciting times over the Easter holiday! We have (an ever increasing amount) of newbies to Stubbs cottage! Where to begin…

My parents went on holiday to Sri Lanka for 10 days, leaving me to look after the house on my own! (Well, my younger sister was with me but i mean, she isn’t much help …). Anyway, i knew that we had two broody hens sitting on a number of eggs, but usually it takes 3 weeks for them to hatch, and we thought they had only been under the hen for a couple of days. Every day, it would be a task of mine to attempt to move the broody hen from its nest to the floor, so that it could eat and drink, as when a hen is broody, it does not do this itself. The broody hens are pretty aggressive, so i would ask my boyfriend to do this for me (i am slowly turning a town boy into a country one!). On the third day of doing this, as he lifted the hens and put them down,. He said that there was a chick. Naturally, I thought he was joking. But he was persistent! And he wasn’t lying. There was the tiniest cutest little baby chick, an early Easter present!

I am quite a panicker, and so this situation was interesting for me… i was super worried that i was somehow going to kill the chick by being a bad owner, and honestly did not even know how to look after this chick. So i rang my parents up , felling pretty bad as i knew it was a big time difference, and they calmingly reassured me that the mother would do everything on it’s own, and of course they were right. 

We now have a total of 11 chickies, with a mixture of black and yellow! There’s still some that may hatch out, so i will keep you updates! 1 of the black ones is called Betty, and one yellow one is called blossom. But if you have any suggestions, let me know!


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